Moms who pump breast milk deal with uncertainty.
Is my baby getting what he/she needs?
Is the milk that was frozen still good for use?
MilkStrip provides answers to these questions. The company’s founders are two molecular biology scientists who combined their love to both children and science and created a first of its kind line of at-home breast milk tests that give moms nutritional and freshness information in minutes.

Why Test?

Get immediate results!

Our breast milk tests are science-based. We have patent-pending test strips that provide accurate results matching the results you would receive from a full-equipped lab. The results are analyzed using our data-driven algorithm and personal results generator, to provide you an immediate, accurate and simple solution.


  • MilkStrip helps ensure your baby receives the best milk you can give

  • The test strips analyze your breast milk for critical nutritional elements

  • Our app gives you an immediate diagnosis and provides specific tips on how to enhance the quality of your milk

Our customers love us

This came in very handy a few times I wasn't sure about the milk. Glad to have had this around, it definitely saved me some time and hassle. Pretty simple to use and works quickly. Highly recommended!

Ronnie, LA

Since I started using MilkStrip's Expiration test, my breast milk waste stopped almost completely - I trust my nanny to feed my baby because I know she can assure its quality as much as I can.

Alexandra, NY

This product is very easy to use - I highly recommend it. It takes only 3 minutes for results to show and that milk is good or expired. Tested it on milk that was left out for a few hours and results were accurate. Thanks!

Adi, CA

We had the worst cold running around, and I was so concerned with my son’s health and immune system. My mom bought me MilkStrip’s Vitamin C kit and I could see for myself that he receives plenty of vitamin C from my breast milk. I was so relieved. This is truly reassuring moms. Thanks.

Debra, NJ