What is MilkStrip Expiration/Vitamin C test kit?

MilkSאrip is a line of test kits for breastmilk utilizing novel color recognition-based diagnostic technologies. This simple test will detect if your breast milk is good and safe to use and can indicate Vitamin C levels. Testing is non-invasive and only takes a few minutes. 


How does the MilkStrip test work?

To test your breast milk, fill the squeeze tube with milk and drip it into the test tube. Open the foil bag and extract the test strip. Dip all square pads on the strip into milk. Place the strip aside, and wait two or three minutes depending on the kit you are using. While waiting, open the MilkStrip app on your mobile phone. Press the “add sample” button and complete the new test form. When your wait time is over, place the strip onto the reference card in the indicated area. Press “add a picture” in the app screen, take the picture, and upload it to the app. Your results will appear immediately.  


What should I find in my MilkStrip test kit?

When you open your kit for the first time you should find a user guide, reference card, squeeze tubes, and test tubes test strip in a foil bag.  

What do I need in order to use the MilkStrip test?

You will need a test strip, reference card, MilkStrip App installed on your mobile, and breast milk. Detailed information provided on the user guide. 

Why should I test my breast milk?
MilkStrip is an easy to use, non-invasive and reliable testing kit designed to answer questions and doubts you may have regarding your pumped stored breast milk, giving you confidence, your baby will receive the best milk possible. 


How much milk do I need to use?

The Basic and Standard kits require filling one (2 ml) sample tube using the provided squeeze tube. 


Can I test the strips using refrigerated or frozen breast milk?

You can use frozen or refrigerated milk. If you are using frozen milk, make sure it is defrosted completely before pouring the milk into the container. 


I read my results on the app, but a few minutes later I noticed that the test pad had darkened in color. What does this mean?
The color of the pad after two/three-minutes will provide the most accurate results. The test pads may continue to darken over time. 


I used my Vitamin C test strip and the test pads did not change color. Is it ok? 
In certain values the test strip doesn’t change color dramatically. 


I didn’t dip the test strip pads completely, is it still OK?

No. Results are not accurate when only some of the pads have been dipped. In order to get the most reliable results, dip the test strip and saturate it completely with milk. If you see that the test pads are not wet, dip the test strip again in breast milk. After dipping the strip, wait a few minutes and use our MilkStrip app to get your results.