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Title ("The Need"/....)

Global companies are seeking for solutions to increase consumer’s awareness and management of their well-being and healthy lifestyle.

Wellness tests today
  • Expensive 
  • Non-immediate results 
  • Require professional interpretation 
  • Performed at the “point of care“ 
  • Do not motivate immediate actions


Our Process (?)

  • Market and problem identification
  • Field surveys and professional literature research
  • Identifying the right sensors (chemical and/or biological)
  • Developing and calibrating sensor indicators in lab conditions
  • Adjusting and calibrating sensor indicators for home conditions
  • Developing and Adjusting App color recognition and machine learning capabilities
  • Choosing the right business partner for development


DiagnoseStick ’s benefits for it’s affiliates 

  • Embrace new and innovative patent based products to be added to the portfolio
  • Be the first to provide your consumers with your products & DiagnoseStick ’s pack of sensors, thus creating a holistic approach for your consumers.
  • Increase consumers loyalty and brand awareness.
  • Leverage the brand’s strength and quality
  • Collect data in respect to consumer-habits by using DiagnoseStick ’s platform