About us

DiagnoseStick was founded by two bio-tech scientists, who are also moms of young children. They created this innovative product as they realized there were many other moms who had the same questions they had about breast milk and they wanted to use the certainty of science to help provide the answers. While in this day and age there are apps for almost everything, there was nothing to give parents accurate, scientific insights into the quality of the breast milk they are feeding their baby with. 

DiagnoseStick’s at home diagnostic kits and corresponding app delivers results right when parents need them, at home and in just three minutes. Produced in advanced molecular labs using state of the art technology, the test strips are analyzed by the DiagnoseStick app using advanced AI, generating tailored recommendations which allow parents to address the uncertainty they face when feeding their babies. Harnessing this groundbreaking biotechnology can help them make informed wellness decisions for their babies.

The DiagnoseStick vision is to optimize babies nutrition and health by giving parents the information they need to help make motherhood a little bit easier.