The scientist moms shaking up Israel’s startup scene

By Amy Spiro, December 9, 2020. Jewish Insider. 

Dr. Avital Beck understands what it’s like to cry over spoiled milk. 

The scientist and mother of six has had plenty of firsthand experience worrying about the freshness and viability of pre-pumped breast milk. And that experience was part of what led her and Dr. Hadas Shatz-Azoulay — a mother of five — to co-found the startup MilkStrip, the first ever diagnostic home-testing kit for breast milk. 

“I think every mother goes through this,” Beck told Jewish Insider in a recent interview, recalling her own experience with her babies suffering from colic. “I was looking for anything that could eliminate or reduce that… and I never knew or thought that my breast milk’s nutritional profile affects that,” she added, noting that years of studies in the burgeoning field of breast milk science have shown that to be the case. 


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