In Israel, Women ‘Juggle It All’ with Motherhood, Degrees, even High-Tech Startups

By Eliana Rudee, January 20, 2021. Jewish Journal

Drs. Avital Beck and Hadas Shatz-Azouly—scientists, mothers, entrepreneurs and founders of the company MilkStrip—understand firsthand the challenges of owning a business while raising six and five children, respectively. 

...MilkStrip, is a biotech and wellness company that provides real-time breast-milk decision support at home, informing new mothers about the freshness and nutrition of human milk. As fellow doctors and mothers, they saw the need for immediate breast-milk results firsthand themselves and among their friends, and so they developed their expiration and Vitamin C diagnostic kits to “bring decision support to mothers in a time of great uncertainty.” 

They note that modern mothers are empowered with vast general knowledge at their fingertips. However, when it comes to science and their baby’s health, there are many unanswered questions—for example, doubts about their breast milk that could not be answered by existing kits that needed to be sent to a lab, with results only after 10 days...

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