Baby tech: 9 Israeli innovations reinventing pregnancy & infant care

By Viva Sarah Press, February 1, 2021.

If you are planning for a baby, or just welcomed a new addition to the family, the innovation sector is working hard to help make pregnancy and new infant care safer and a bit easier. 

Israeli companies are behind some of the pioneering maternal health tech solutions that can prevent preterm births, increase the success rate of IVF, offer breastmilk diagnostics and enable pregnant women to perform at-home ultrasound scans. 


NoCamels surveyed the Israeli maternal health tech and new baby tech scene to see what is in the pipeline and what devices are already on the market.


MilkStrip is an Israeli biotech and wellness startup founded in 2017 that developed at-home diagnostic kits for breast milk. MilkStrip says it can detect vitamin C levels in breastmilk and confirm whether or not stored milk has expired. The kits and corresponding app can provide results about the nutritional profile and degree of breast milk freshness in about three minutes, the company says.

“Parents want to be empowered to know more about the nutrients in the breast milk they feed their babies,” said Dr. Avital Beck, CEO and co-founder of MilkStrip, mother of six, and a biotech scientist.

“While the overall benefit of feeding babies breast milk has been well established for years and will always be the optimal choice compared with any formulas on the market, MilkStrip is the first innovator in the baby-tech industry to deliver breast milk test results in real-time and at-home exactly when parents need answers,” said Beck.

The company says that more than 60 percent of women throw out stored breast milk, which is usually still fresh for consumption, because they are unsure if it is still good.

“Modern mothers are empowered with lots of general knowledge at their fingertips, but when it comes to science and baby health there are still many unanswered questions. The aim of our diagnostic kits is to bring decision support to mothers in a time of great uncertainty,” said Dr. Hadas Shatz-Azouly, COO, VP R&D and co-founder of MilkStrip and mother of five.

“We help them ensure their children are getting optimal sustenance and nutrition even during a pandemic.”

MilkStrip says it plans to roll out additional diagnostic kits in 2021.

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