5 must-have nursing items for moms | MilkStrip kit giveaway!

By Marielle Altenor, January 27, 2021. ladymarielle.com

There are a few key things to consider once you’ve decided to be a nursing mom. Most breastfeeding moms know that they should have a breast pump on hand, but few think about the comfort level of breastfeeding or even the level of vitamins their breast milk has. It’s important to think about what’s best for the baby and mom during nursing, and the products that help make your breastfeeding journey successful. Today I’m sharing the 5 must-have nursing items for moms that will provide comfort, peace of mind on the freshness and nutritional value of breast milk, and help you enjoy this time in motherhood. 


MilkStrip Kit

Whether you plan on exclusively breastfeeding or do a combination of breastfeeding and pumping, MilkStrip Expiration and Vitamin C test kits are something that I wish I had with my two other babies. 

When my son was born (more than 12 years ago) I read that pumped breast milk could stay outside for about 1 hour before going bad. Five years ago, when I had my daughter, that fact also changed. Fast forward to today and the information on how long breast milk stays fresh for has changed yet again. This can be quite confusing for first-time moms, and is why I really like MilkStrip. It is a great way to reduce wasted milk due to freshness uncertainty and can also ensure you’re feeding your baby the right amount of vitamin C to help nourish their growing bodies! The MilkStrip mobile app is so easy to use, just dip the strip, scan with the mobile app and get quick analysis and tips. 

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